Tilting Towards the Sun

Now that spring is under way, and it might as well be summer with all the good weather we are having, my routine is still in winter mode. The change in time from last week ago is still punishing me, mostly becuase I start my day very early, and having that first bit of morning light really made a big difference for the start of each day. Now, the mornings are dark again, so it might was well be the middle of February for me. So bye to winter and the heating bills that go along with it and hello summer becuase we skipped spring! I am happy about that.

I completed my taxes this week. Funny how I seem to have paid more in taxes this year. I specifically remembered hearing the government of Canada saying in the last election that our taxes would either stay the same level, or drop a little, to help with household incomes? Oh, don’t take me for a naive smuck, I know that no government could ever resist the temptation of lying to its people when it comes to taxes. But anyway, I did notice some anomalies on my tax forms. The first one was the reduction in the basic amount claimed from both the federal and provincial tax schedules. This was not a complete surprise, but I was taken back by the almost 50 percent reduction for low income earners. Second, the reduction of amounts claimed to those who have tuitions. I thanks the Gods that I never to on a student loan! If there is one thing that the Conservatives hate, it would be people who borrow money to go to university. The money there is getting stripped faster than varnish in the middle of a sandstorm.

I now start the last leg of the semester. Most of my classes have the final papers and projects announced, and the finals are just around the corner. The push is on. The worst is French, as that class I am always struggling with, and then Stats as the work load in that class is huge. Both are manageable, but I will not see the stellar grades that I am used to getting. Finding time to sleep is going to be an issue – I can see that right now.

I really can’t wait to get March over and done with. Where are we at? Oh, just six more days of it – Yes!

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