Playing Around With Ubuntu 10.04, Alpha-3. Code Name: Lucid Lynx.

Yay! It looks like Ubuntu 10,04 LTS (Long Term Support) will be a “hopeful” success. I took some time to play around with the early, bleeding edge build, to see how it is shaping up, and took it out for a test drive. With the predicable bugs and hick-ups, it went very well. There are some surprises that caught me off guard, like my tablet still worked, after reading all bugs that were causing that device to brick. My Lexmark E210 laser printer still worked, and my Nvidia card still pumped out the 3D desktop and eye candy that I love so much.

The final release with April 29th, 2010. I strongly recommend that you do not install on your main machine! The Alpha 3 is still bug ridden, so you might as well save yourself the headache and wait the 30 to 40 days for the final release. The Ubuntu Web Site “Alpha 3 Page,” strongly says this.

Although at first there didn’t seem to be that much of a change from 9.10 Karmic, once I started to poke around, the subtle yet drastic changes started to pop up. I would also strongly recommend a total install, not a upgrade due to all the configuration issues most people will have, like with certain peripherals and PCI cards. I lost all of my MIDI functions from my Audiophile 24 x 2 sound card, and along with it my digital audio out.

Oh, the look and feel are great with a fresh install. Way faster than 9.10. I can honestly say that this blows the door off of Windsow$7, both in performance and time. Window$ still has way too much “stuff” to load while 10.04 only takes what it need to boot-up. Window$ 7 = 1.24 sec., Ubuntu 10.04 = 0.21 sec., from boot-up to desktop. This is using a PhenonII X4 965 Quad Core CPU with 4 Ghz of DDR2 Ram, and a 1TB SATA 32M Hard drive Seagate, 7200PRM, SATA2, with 32MB Buffer. Note too that I have always had this USB issue with Window$7 that I cannot get rid of.

Here is the release schedual, if you are interested in this: Ubuntu Release Schedual – 10.04.

Below are two YouTube clips, the first is from mark Shuttleworth, the brainchild of Ubuntu, and the last one is a short demo of the boot-up sequence for 10.04, and what to expect while installing.


Note: this guy below is using virtual machine to load and use 10.04 and he is suffering from a slow boot up while running virtual box. The jumping and skipping on the video is him using a time-laps fast forward speed while going through the start-up and installation process. It is quite funny. And it didn’t work, I got Alpha 3 to run in Virtual machine.


So, I’m looking forward to installing Ubuntu 10.04, LTS,  the Lucid Lynx out in April 29, 2010!

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