Monolingualism Can Be Cured

This was a caption that I read when I was doing some French homework. This was a recommended link that my prof posted so that we could use in order to help us further in our up coming finals. The “Monolingualism Can Be Cured,” banner just made me laugh when I saw it. I suffer from a strong sense of ignorance that perpetuates my  monolingualism. I am now convinced that fifty percent of my problem is fear and laziness when learning the French language. Having grown up with nearly all of my life speaking only English, I realize now that I have missed on some golden opportunity becuase of this. Sure, the world seems to revolve around English, but that is only in my mind – the English speaking me. Speaking French is like looking through the world with a whole new lens – the view is so much different and beautiful.

Here are a list of excuses I have compiled:

Excuse #1: I look down on our current provincial government for treating out schools like game pieces on a monopoly game board. Shame on you BC Liberals. This happened to me in the mid 1980’s during my days in high school when the then Social Credit (right wing) were in control. Having gone out of a brutal recession in the early 80’s, times were tough, and the answer was electing a government that would cut taxes –  and boy did they ever. The residual effects are felt today – i.e., Tom having to learn French in 2010, becuase French was cut in high school back then.

Excuse #2: Age. Everyone knows that once pass that ripe age of four to eight years old, your brain is fully imprinted with the language you are bought up with.

Excuse #3: The only way I can truly learn French is to marry a French woman, move to France, and move in with her family.

Excuse #4: All of my francophone friends will not take the time to help with French becuase they don’t want to speak French – they prefer English. For a while I really believed this when I asked them for help. But of course, this has more to do with lack of time, not a preference to their second language. There is the posiblity that they hate me becuase of my monolingualism, or they just plane hate me?

I think I have covered all of my excuses?

It is not over for me yet in French class. I still have the verbal assignment (responding to questions in French and answering back, in French) and the grand final exam, still a total of 40 percent of the term to do yet.

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