Time Travel through Old Catalogues – The 60s and 70s weren’t that Bad were They?

I was searching the web for some information on a old prehistoric computer, one called the Commodore 64, and its predecessor, the VIC-20. Many many years a go I had both of these bad boys, and I used them a lot. Anyway, while searching for pdf manuals, I hit upon this little website that threw me back even further into nostalgic mood of my humble past. Yes, somebody took the time to scan and copy as many of the old Sears catalogues as they could find and post them so that everyone could look back into this archive of an era gone by.

Sears – Wishbook Website Link

The first thing that hit me about looking at these old gems are the prices for everyday items such as a early microwave oven, television and basic clothing. I have being working one a problem that most people go through when they try to a “Adjusted for Inflation” algorithm into the research data. These old Sears catalogues made it that much more difficult.

Taken from the Sears X-Mass Wishbook of 1985, on page 598.

The second thing were the styles. OMG, am I ever glad people didn’t embrace the cyclical styles of the 70s and 80s. Both men and women’s style, in my opinion, sucked compared to today. And the colours of the 70s? What up with that? The furniture was scary then.

With men’s skin tight disco pants, who needed a man’s purse to carry their wallets around, to women’s 2.3 kg of underwear and hairspray, I think this last decade is a whole lot better looking in comparison. However, I do have a soft spot for the 60s. I don’t know why, perhaps becuase I never live through all of it.

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