Face to Face with Inkscape – Oh How I Love to Draw.

When I get a few seconds, I like to spend some time playing with some of the software I have, and some of that time I spent being creative with Inskape. The stuff you can do with this program even amazes me from what I have done. This image took all but two hours to complete. This was all done free hand, but using a model from a photograph that was the size of 150 x 240 pixel image; so I just eyed it up the best I could and totally redid the colour scheme to what I think is the real world colours. Also, the model is laying down holding her head up with her arm while leaning on her elbow, so I sort of made her posing as if she was standing up, but she is looking at you while her head is facing downward.

I have a writing tablet, in case you are wondering. Using a mouse it totally possible, but I would save yourself the pain and get a good size tablet. What I did was sketch out the shape of the face and hair to the proper dimensions using the line tool, I drew it at about 900 x 1200 px, then I  started adding in the various shapes, and then layered them together, each element one by one. I have seen this technique from several other websites that teach drawing using method with scalable vector graphics, but this is my first shot at it. I sort of had a very good idea on how this was done beforehand, so it went together relatively smooth for me. Making everything to scale, and getting the proportions right was the tricky part.

What I thought was neat was how life like the face became. I think the best part of this image are the lips in proportion with the eyes. I really fluked out here in my opinion as this is sometimes the hardest thing for me to get right. Her hair is close to what it is in the photograph, but I extended it all the way to edges of the image. The major thing that I added, and an element that is not in the real world, is her blue turtle neck sweater – that I added to balance the image out. The background it also totally not real too.

I was going to upload the raw SVG file, but I thought, “Naw!” becuase I really like this image, and I may add to it later, I’m going to keep the edited file on my hard drive. I will use this technique again for sure becuase of the results I got here. This really impressed me.

ADDED: April 05, 2010. It looks likes someone from the Inkscape community enjoyed my art as I got a request to make a how-to on drawing faces. Now, if I can find the time to make one?

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