Why I Laugh When no One Else Does

I was watching the History Channel, an old episode of MASH was on, an comedy television program that played in the 70s that was based on the Korean War of 1950-52, from which the army chaplin was giving the last rites to a famous boxer who was visiting the troops. The boxer had died, and the chaplin  idolized the sports hero, so it was very tough for the chaplin to do his duties based on his faith. The character made a reference to keeping one foot in the ideal plane (Plato), and one foot in the ring, (boxing). That was a clever play on ethics and values I thought. When I laughed and said out loud that this was clever, my friends who were in the room too thought I was off my rocker when I said that. I was about to explain to them who Plato was, and why this was funny, but I quickly learnt that philosophy and auto mechanics don’t mix to well.

Several weeks ago I scoffed at the idea that someone would put a swastika on present Obama’s forehead on their protest signs, and call him a Communist.  Again my friends thought I was scoffing at the idea that I like Obama. When I explained to them that the swastika was a symbol of Fascism from the Nazi party in 1933, a symbol of extreme rightwingism, and that Communism was the diabolical opposite, they didn’t get it – nor did the American protesters either. Explaining the political ideologies went straight over over my friends’ heads, and they quickly lost interest and went back to watching the news.

Defining the difference between a deficit and debt of any government can be a bit tricky if you have little or no base line to draw from. When our local government said that “next year’s deficit is going to be twice as small as it is now,” my friends said, “there, that’s why I voted for them, because those other guys would have raked up a killer debt…” Need I say more. I laughed. “Never mind” I said, “it is apples and oranges that we are talking about.”

There, three examples of why I laugh when no one else does.

It is amazing how much of the world that we don’t see around us. A closed mind is a mind that struggles with its very existence. An open mind sees what the eyes do not, but we all see through a lens regardless. Maybe I wear rose coloured lenses, and my perception is full of distortions that are in direct relation to my experiences? Maybe if I walk farther, faster and longer, my perception will change again, and keep on changing? My poor friends, they must think I am nuts.

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