The Knot is Now Too Tight: I Need More Rope.

Exams are now within days, hours and seconds away from starting. Classes are going at a fever pitch, and it seems everyone else around me wants a piece of Thomasso’s time as I struggle to get the last few assignments off for marking.  perhaps the biggest mistake, if you can call it that, was my agreement to help out a old colleague of mine with his legal practice.  No, I am not getting into law, nor am I working as a lawyer – he needs a criminologist. I just happened to be one, and one who is well versed with criminal law. But I didn’t see the time aspects of his needs with his workload, and the amount of research he needs for his up coming cases, coming. Time is one thing that I do not have a lot of at the moment.

Now I have two jobs, and a semester that needs huge amounts of time to finish, so now my daily life is full of new stresses. Sure, there is plenty of money coming in, which is a lot more than I can say for many of my friends right now, but my time is being piecemealed right from underneath my feet, and this is a bad thing.

I took a long walk this morning, to clear my head, and then tried to put everything back into perspective. Work is going to be a tough challenge becuase the changing climate is forcing a whole lot of new dynamics that I never faced before to happen. there is even a power struggle taking place, or the person who wants seems to think so? But this is making for some interesting and weird results at my work. I actually held the pen that could have terminated that person’s job, but I took the moral high ground and push it off in a direction that offered salvation and time to that person. The funny thing is, know one will ever know, but was it the right thing for me to do? This could bite me back?

Money is the root of evil, according to my friend who is in the Bible business. For most people, I can say, is what drive them to do things that they otherwise would never do in their right mind. For these people, they expect me to follow that same edict- never say no to money-it is a rule. Yet I turn it down almost on a daily occurrence. Sure I need money, but if I get too much of it, this will throw my balance out of whack and I then will end up giving too much to the government. I will slowly start the cycle of being lifted into another tax bracket, knowing that in three months I will be at my regular income level again, and my taxes will have tripled. Yes, the money worshippers are blind to this notion, but they believe that no one should have to pay taxes anyway.

I’m on the spot, again. What to do? Ho, heck, I’ve dealt with before, and I’m sure this will not be the last time. I think this little image best sums up my mind right about now. Enjoy the art.

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