One More Done – Almost Finished!

Today marks the very last day of my Statistics class, with just the final research paper to hand in, it is practically done. I am very happy indeed!

I have one more full day of class next Monday, French, which it truly the very last day of the spring semester, then all that is left is the final for that class, then I can take a nice long sleep. Then I wait for the marks, and I will have completed 92 percent of everything I need to graduate with for the BA (h) program.

I am very excited! Getting through Stats was a hell of an achievement for me becuase it is the most dreaded course among the entire curriculum. Even the most harden, geeky/neerded students, not including myself, were dreading it too. Although this semester was a double whammy for me, with two very hard classes,  Stats is the most prized class to finish – and if I pull off an A, well, then I’m a frick’n hero. My probability of reaching the coveted “A” is about 73.4 percent, if you needed to know that.

So, this is a great moment in my travels to the end-point of my under-grade status. I can hang up my  calculator and algebraic textbooks for good, and move onto bigger and better things, like more research!

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