HST – I’m Mad As Hell, and I’m Not Going To Take It Anymore!

I feel better now that I took the time yesterday to sign the (anti) HST petition of British Columbia. In fact, I felt so good that I went and told as many of my friends as I could that they should show their support and sign too-and many of them did. I met a lot of angry people who are feed-up with all levels of governments, especially our provincial government for the implementation of this new tax structure called the Harmonizing Sales Tax, or HST.

What is the HST? In my own words, it is the consolidation of both the federal, GST (Goods and Services Tax), and the PST, (Provincial Sales Tax), and lump them into one tax, where everyone will pay the one lump tax, and the various governments then divvy up their take form the total sum left over. There are a number huge problems that I see with this new tax regime, and they cancel out any of the positive good that this tax does make. Net widening, and increases in the number of  items being taxes are my biggest gripes with this. The New tax will reach more people than ever before, and also, items that only had one tax applied to it, will have both wrapped up into the HST. This is more hardship for the consumer in what is already a very difficult time for most British Colombians  who are still struggling with the wrath of the recension, like those who are still unemployed.

So I got off my butt and did something about it. I saw the HST petition sign-up station along Glover Road, and I rushed right back to it after I changed at home. I live only a five minute walk from the sign-up station so I walk there to sign up.

I felt great after I singed it. Though, there were two things that I pondered while I was walking home afterwards. First, I never thought I would ever climb on board with anything that involves Bill Vander Zalm, the man who spearheaded the HST petition campaign. Second, what will our governments do if the people vote overwhelmingly in favour of having no HST? I shutter to think what these megalomaniacs will do to us? Medicare is one thing, but Corporate Welfare is another.


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One Thought on “HST – I’m Mad As Hell, and I’m Not Going To Take It Anymore!

  1. The BC Liberals are, very careful of, not putting the budget and the HST together,in one sentence. Where the budget doesn’t get you, the HST does. That is why citizens are enraged. Everything the BC Liberals do, is very underhanded and sneaky. Lying, deceiving, corruption, fraud, seems to be their forte. How many Liberal ministers, are under investigation now? Perhaps Alberta is right saying, the western provinces, should separate from the east. This would gain us 40%. We would be able to have, a lot more money in our wallets. We would not have to put up with, such a premier, as Campbell and his Liberal Party. That in it’s self would be a blessing. No more Hansen with his insane budgets and HST. Campbell and Hansen have stolen this province blind. So they go on a taxing frenzy, to try and rip off all the money they can, to cover up the, horrendous, financial mess, they have made in this province. The best step we can take, to get out of this recession, is to get rid of Campbell, Hansen and the Liberal party. Quebec, has wanted to separate for decades. I do know, western citizens are sick of, the east dictating to the west. Anything is better, than what we are forced to contend with now. If separating would do it, I’m for it.

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