So, Language 101, Oral Exams, Tomorrow – Gulp!

OK, I know what you are thinking, “not another post on French…” Well, I will not promise you that I will never write another post on the topic, but the good news is that I may not talk about French for a while, a long while. Tomorrow I do my oral examination, the part where I pretend that I know the language, and I can carry on a conversation-yeah, right. The sad reality is that I have a horrible ascent, and I still do not have all the components of sentence structure learned well enough to pass in my opinion.

With the exam looming, I took a walk early this morning to attempted to clear my head. There were many wonderful signs of spring, but with all of this new life popping up around from nature, the thought of the exam just kept killing the moment. I took some photos, and then left it at that.

Tonight I have my CRIM-Group2 research project meeting, the big and final meeting to polish up our paper on youth violence. This was another huge undertaking, as the time to do the research and run the statistical analysis was brutal, and this was split up between five of us. Just a few moments ago I finished making the graphs and table look pretty, so at least they look if published in a journal. Oh the joy of beating deadlines-my, my.

Officially tomorrow is that last day of the semester and then with only one exam left, that is it. This was a screwed up semester becuase of the Olympics. I hate the Olympics. What a waste. The three weeks off in the middle made it worse than better for students. The university should have stayed out of it and focused on teaching rather than hosting-in my opinion.

2 Thoughts on “So, Language 101, Oral Exams, Tomorrow – Gulp!

  1. Tom! Bonne chance!

    I hope it works out well for you.


  2. Hey Diane, Long time!

    Well the exam went as well it could go. I manage to get through it. I think I fully answered 4 out of the 10 with perfection. Only 2 questions I had no clue as to what to say. I got through it though.

    What a day: 2 papers, one presentation, and French.

    Thank you for the comment!

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