The Official End of Spring 2010 – Finals Start.

What a day. I am very happy that it is over. All that is left are the finals, but I think those are going to be easer to deal with than all of the events that led up to today.

Describing today is so difficult becuase I am still processing it. I think the best way to start would be to describe the sky, the sun and how warm it was. Today was a day that was hard for anyone to want to stay inside if one had a choice. The sun over the campus was a brilliant bronze colour by 4:00pm. There were very high clouds, but they were evenly spread out across the sky making it look like a very fine silk shroud covering the entire horizon. The sun did shine with its brilliance though, but the colour made the walls of courtyard look like they were made of amber and silver. The water in the turtle pond looked a deep blue, as if it were bottomless, and the water fountain made pearls as the foam slowly dissipated away from it.

On the grassy knoll students bathed in the warmth of the sun, holding their book over their faces as they tried to get some last minute studying done. At the foot of the knoll every picnic table was taken up with students chatting away like birds, and across the courtyard more students walked, ran, and mingled in every direction from one building to another. There was a noticeable difference in how students moved in the courtyard today; everyone was moving faster, straighter, and spent little time with their groups as they moved.

Time stood still as people just moved from one point to another. There was no pattern, just people everywhere, walking about.

The giant doors to the library looked like mirrors as the glass doors moved a beam of light that reflected from the sun and it would shift across the courtyard like lightening.  People looked like they would appear, invisible one moment, then appear the next, as they walked through the giant glass doors out into the courtyard. When I walked through those doors, I was transformed into another world, a mechanical world where instantly the cool conditioned air met my nostrils and the light seemed to be dim as compared to the outside. Now I was inside a glass box. The skylights made everything look blue and gold, and human figures dotted every level, stair column and chair.

A beautiful female figure approached me, calling out my name. As she drew nearer, I could see in her hand a small plastic and metal stick. She smiled as she spoke, ” Tom, we have a problem, the paper is not finished yet, there are some problems with it, you need to look at your part again.” She places the USB stick in my hand and leads me over to a working workstation. I sigh. Only sixty-four minutes to go before the deadline is due. My group greets me. I am briefed and caught up to speed. The feeling of panic hits me. Now I wish I could stop time altogether.

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