Five minutes With the GIMP

I just thought I would spend some time with the GIMP and see what improvements I could get with some of the new add-ons I found for it. Basically I just added a whole bunch of brushes, gradients and tools to the stock collection that originally came with the GIMP. I search on Google (plug) and found a huge amount of stuff that I could add.

The results I found were quite interesting. I had tried some professional software that I used at my Collage, but they were way over priced if I wanted to buy them. I’m worse than cheap, some of my friends say. I was looking for anything that was free, and did close to the same job as the professional software does. The GIMP seems to be very close for me. I’m currently using Ubuntu 9.10, with the 6 x 9 inch drawing tablet and just the GIMP, version 2.6.

I sat down just a few minutes ago and started my timer which I set for five minutes and started to draw with the GIMP. This is the end result. I went with a volcano theme on this one, mainly becuase when I started the GIMP, it gave me a black background to stat with, and the images of the volcano currently erupting in Iceland started me moving my table pen into creating this. I can say that this is not bad for free and open source software.

Did I mention I like free? I do you know! 🙂

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