Tom the Hermit Crab – Through the Sand I Go, One more Wall to Climb ’till the Ocean I Go.

Hello. I’m still doing the “loner” gig, staying at home, tucked away in my little room with all of my books, notes and thoughts. One more exam to go then I can rest for a few days before the cycle starts all over again.

The up coming exam is the last bit of first year French I have. But this will only mark the halfway point as I still have another language course to take before I can say – graduate!

It was spectacular day outside! the sun was shinning, the clouds started to thin out and the air warmed, but poor me had to avoid going outside as my textbooks were calling, “read me, read me…”. I’m in worry mode now as the deadline is approaching. I’m going through the guilty phase as I pack on the doubt, even dreamt that I missed the exam becuase of sleeping in! My mind is chaos right now. One part wants to get it over with, while the other knows how important this exam is. I hate living on the borderline of a pass or fail.

Yup, this is funny in my mind. Perhaps when I figure it all out, I will blurb about here to you my dear reader? But then again, don’t we all sit back and laugh about it years later when we reflect about it?

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