The Unexpected Result

It is weird, I have to say. One one hand the course that I should have just squeaked by and passed, I earned a very high mark in, an “A,” while the other course, the one that I slaved my ass off, I may not get me an academic pass to get the credit with. I only have the one mark so far, but I am anticipating to have all my marks in by tomorrow. The mark I do have, from my statistics class, I even surprised myself with it. It is to my understanding that getting an A of any level is a very tough achievement to say the least for Stats.What happened?

I’ve talked to a few of my friends in the Stats class, and they all didn’t do as well, but they all did pass, which is the general goal of this course. So, with so many before me who did not pass, or get the grade that they were hoping for, this leaves me thinking to myself that I must either be a “keener” in mathematics, and piss-poor in languages, or this could be one of those anomalies that statisticians call an “outlier.”

If I could tell you the horror stories that I have heard about Stats. I was even thinking at one point about avoiding the whole stats thing, and trying something different. Good thing I didn’t listen to my friends, eh? I’ll know more very soon when my exams are finished being marked.

Well, I’m already preparing for the next term! Summer School!

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