Everything is Upgraded – Now the Desktop

Well, everything seems to be in order now. I have finished the major upgrade, and did some tinkering with the bios settings on this machine (my work station) and I think it working at optimal performance.

There were a few little surprises, like the download centre. That caught me off guard when I clicked on that. I saw that you can add both free and non-free software to this now. Open source is open for business now I guess? Also, this version now comes stock with the movie editor called PiTiVi. And they get rid of a ton of useless screen savers, which I think is a good thing because they had way to many to being with from the last four or five versions.

I’m sure I will be spending the next while tweaking everything up. Heck, this the fun part, finding all the cool stuff and working with it.  I’m happy – something new to look at. So far nothing froze or died on me, so the software looks good.  My DVD player/Burner is slowly on the road to death as it reads disks like they might as well be pieces of sandpaper.

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