The Upgrade – 4 hours of Waiting

I started the upgrading last night. I have four machine that I wanted kept current so I started the downloading of 10.04 around 5:00pm Thursday, April 29, 2010, just as the release of the Lucid Lynx was let loose. Overall I am very happy with 10.04, but I quickly found out that some of my hardware is rapidly dying from old age.

The first problem was my DVD burner. I tried two different types of ISO files from off of the web, and both seemed to have scores of errors on them. I tried an install right from the boot/start up on my second file I downloaded, and it went through about 40 percent, then displayed a bad DVD medium error. The first DVD I burnt, it did not even work. This was frustrating, but then I realized that my DVD burner was so full of dust and dirt that I switched over to my laptop to burn with. I had to start the download all over again because I didn’t have anymore DVD+ to burn with, and my laptop only takes the DVD- type disks. So, I fired up Ktorrent, and grabbed the next available bit-torrent to burn just for the laptop. That took 5 hours to download because my wireless is topped out at somewhere 1MB/s.

My second problem was setting up my encryption. Ubuntu 10.04 gives you the option of encrypting your user accounts, so I jumped on that. The problem there was my hard-drive, a LO-1 TB SATA drive. With so much space, and such a demanding encryption algorithm, this took a lot more time to do than if I just ran the regular option of a simple password. I take security very seriously, and LINUX systems seem to do a better job than the commercial product I have used on the market. So I hunkered down and waited while the upgrade took place. Hey, the encryption works good. I tried to scan with my Window$ machine, and it could not  even see the partitions and content – just a big empty disk that read full.

The Fresh Install versus the Upgrade debate. I learned that installing fresh is way better than upgrading. This dates back to my WIN95 to WIN98 days. I learned that boot problems just get passed along to each new upgrade without actually getting fixed. Things like rouge programs and third party software are rarely fixed, or never at all, and they seem to have more problems after each consecutive upgrade. So fresh is always better in my book. Also, I have noticed that if you just upgrade, you never really get the full benefit of the latest release. Your old configuration files always linger around on your hard-drive from one upgrade to another.

Once I get my main workstation back to user happiness, I will post my experiences, probably tonight when I things calm down around here. This, and my flat tire with the nail in it, are all that is on my agenda for today, so type to you then!

6 Thoughts on “The Upgrade – 4 hours of Waiting

  1. Yes, wipe and re-install I SAY!

    Course I’ve been a windows guy since I first got involved with computers… sorry Tom but Windows 7 has solidified my allegiance… especially considering I got in on the “Family Pack” upgrade.

    Since getting Windows 7 my instability issues are gone! Yay!

    Sorry to poop on your Linux parade… 😳

  2. Hey Radam,

    Oh no, don’t feel that you are stealing the thunder from me – on the contrary, I hope that you are enjoying your propitiatory OS, and that you did pay for your current release rather than the illegal method that so many statistically fall into. It is a shame that it took those guys so long to fix their mistakes – 3 years? Wow!

    I could never go back. I am so reformed in the free world that Hitler’s armies would have to force me by gun-point to subject myself to that horror again. After this newest edition (which are done twice a year by the way) I am very pleased with my choices. And it is all about choices and freedoms. I can turn off the ads. 😉

    Oh, well, at least we are all current and happy – that is a good thing.

  3. Hi Tom – It is almost that time again for you to come over and walk me through the usual. Yes, I have the directions written down. Nope, when I look at them I can’t follow them.
    So, looking forward to a meal, a tweak and a back up as soon as our schedules mesh.
    My schedule just changed – I just quit my job…again! (No consternation from the peanut gallery – it feels wonderful!)
    Did you pass French?
    Cheers, diane

  4. You will have to send me an email so we can get together and do this. Time is precious, but at least I have some over the next two weeks before the cycle start over again.

    Heh, heh…, another Chapter in your life has gone by eh? Quitting is a message that few employers get when they wonder why someone leaves their flock. Did you explain to them why?

    Do not know on my French yet – soon though.


  5. George Wade on Friday, May 28th, 2010 at 4:51 pm said:

    Hi Tom,

    I’m getting my Mac to run Ubuntu as well as Snow Leopard so that I can enjoy the best of both worlds.

    Is there an UBUNTU group in the Frazer Valley that I could direct a friend to; somewhere near Abbotsford for starters? Your blog came up on Googling 👿 of course…


  6. Hey George, thanks for visiting!

    Wow, doing it on a MAC! That is impressive.

    I have not being personally involved with any local Ubuntu groups myself, but there are some Linux clubs around in the Fraser Valley that I know of from word of mouth. Google will be your friend for that search too.

    My early days of Linux came from my Computer Science classes from S.F.U. and Kwantlen Poly Technical Universities; obviously not really a good place for people who are right off the street with computer experience. Ninety percent of my current collaborations with open source operating systems are done over the Internet through forums and online chat groups. I would start there, say and set up an account. Start asking questions. I know that there are some people there who are from British Columbia who hang out on that forum a lot. Perhaps you could set something up with them?

    In my neighbourhood, I have set up about 10 people now with Ubuntu on their P.C.s, so there is a small network, but it is not organized like a group. I am pretty much the go-to guy with them, so I am spread out quite thin just with that.

    I am afraid I cannot be much more help than this.

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