Work’n Hard – Just an Update

The Official Announcement: Yes, I’m at work, but I’m on my break – honest.

Now for the post:

If you are sensing a little “ick” in my writing in this post, it is because I am typing it on a Microsoft Window$ Machine, believe it or not, with XP as its OS. I know, why? But most businesses I know are still running this garbage. What can you do, it is their call.

I think everyone is eager to know how I did on my French exam-right? Well, I passed the course, barely, and albeit with an academic pass, I somehow managed to do this on my final. So I did something right. I thought with such a dismal effort on my last mid-term that doom was to be the only outcome I would see on my transcript. This means that I must have gotten somewhere around 70 to 80 percent on that exam. Seriously, this is huge if that happened. We never get to see the exact mark for our finals, and we never know the exact percentage when we finish the course, just a letter grade and GPA. So you can only guess. Perhaps I should email the prof and just check if this wasn’t a mistake?

As for Statistics – Well, my favorite letter was given for that course: an “A.” This is also a pleasant surprise because that should be the course from hell, not French.

A Note to My Mother: Mom, the disk, instructions, and the Monitor are in the mail and are on their way. I know you will probably not be reading this until your computer is sorted out, but I will try and make contact with you over the rest of the week to see what I can do until you are back on-line. Hang in there!

DianeOUtLoud: I will email you very soon for upgrade instructions. Next week I’m back in classes, so we will need to book this soon.

OK, I’m leaving the desk-enclosure and going home.

6 Thoughts on “Work’n Hard – Just an Update

  1. hi tom , it a trip just to get here . nothing seems to work with new updated program . will be home tommorrow pleae help dean

  2. I will call tomorrow around in the mid afternoon, maybe 5:00 or 6:00 PM your time? Friday will be the latest that everything will arrive, according to the Post Office. I’ll keep checking the tracking numbers.

    I know – Internet withdrawal – It’s harsh.

  3. Dean: I just checked the tracking number for the Monitor – it is ready for you to pick up at your post office. : )

    Perhaps try the monitor with the computer the way it is before you try re-installing everything? Maybe the screen will clear itself up? Fingers Crossed.

  4. Congrats on the French pass!

    Will miracles never cease! 😯


  5. Those private tutorials with your French girlfriend really paid off. I told you so.

    No hurry for my upgrade. I’m unemployed, remember? Time has taken on a whole new definition. I don’t even know what day it is and neither do I care.

    Talk to you soon!

  6. I Diane, well, it was the help of three people, and sadly there was no French girlfriend.

    Just to let you know that I’m going back to classes starting next week. Things are back to normal, almost, in the sense that I do not have any time, or lack of it. But this weekend could be it for a while. I will contact you soon – my email of course.


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