So, Do You Think Canada is Learning Anything from the Oil Disaster in the Gulf of Mexico?

So, do you think Canada is learning anything from the oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico? With the oil spewing into the water from British Petroleum’s doomed Deep Sea oil platform where, several workers died, is it any wonder that people in Canada should be very concerned as oil exploration is top on the list for all three coasts here. The precedence has being set–we now know first hand just how bad off shore oil operation is now, not that we didn’t know from before, but we can see it now right in front of a faces today.

There is a very good chance that the United States could be powerless getting the “full” cost settled from British Petroleum for the clean up. Like any corporation/business, the risk that they go bankrupted, challenge it court, or just refuse to pay is always there. My fear is, the U.S. government could at best meet them halfway and let the taxpayers flip the second half of the bill.

And what about Mexico? Oil must be landing on their shores too? I have heard very little from the other countries who share those waters, and this bothers me as I listen to the media, in particular the CBC, but only little snippets of news that amount to nothing.

In Canada, if such a disaster were to occur, the likelihood of the corporation responsible getting away with cleaning up is very good, and current laws work in its favour. Canada’s track record shows this quite well: look up the Great Lakes, the Love Canal 1976.

Sadly, in my opinion, Canada is ripe for such a disaster to happen on our waters, and with a federal government that is pro corporation, the law will likely get softer on businesses as they can seek exemptions and ask for environmental guild lines to be lifted in lieu of profits. In my group of friends, having cheep gasoline to put in their cars is far more important than the risk of loosing an entire ecosystem, a vital food source. Where the rubber meets the road is fore most top of any voter now-a-days, and no one wants higher taxes either, so they vote accordingly.

I have heard one “self expert” tell me face to face that oil is a perfectly nature substance and nature has a way of taking care of it. The Gulf of Mexico will be back to normal in a matter of a few years he told me. I highly doubt that, but he sure believes it. But he is also one of these people that believes the Earth is only 4300 years old too? Where did that come from? Perhaps I could sell him a bridge over the Fraser River. But this proves that some people will never understand the damage that is taking place in the Gulf of Mexico. Heck, with British Petroleum using huge amounts of chemicals to disperse the oil, a blatant form of the cover-up becuase if the oil stays below the surface then it is out of sight-out of mind, and the media will have search harder to get images of huge oil slicks floating on the water along the beaches. So for my friend, seeing is believing, and if you can’t see it, then it is a conspiracy perpetrated by the government. The oil is still there.

Oh Canada.

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