Inflation and the Kick in the Butt it Gives

Yesterday a friend of mind was challenging me on the merits of why the HST (Harmonized Sales Tax) will be a great thing. I went to the library where on my course web site, there is a budget calculator, and on that calculator you can factor in how much more you will pay for good with the HST implemented. You can choose your daily needs and services that you use into this, and then change the items and services you would normally use to try and fit the new tax into your budget. Regrettably I cannot link the calculator here because my course outline is password protected and the link comes up with a 404 error.

The Calculator is also not perfect as there is still a lot of information about the HST that is not known and put into it. Added to the missing information, I did notice that the calculator could not do projections or a itemized listings for each change I did.

So what does this tell me about the HST? I will pay more with my current lifestyle. On a monthly bases, my increases will be 3.8 percent! Does not sound like much, but when this is money that will be taken from my everyday cost of living, this is money that I will do with out, and items such as food and clothing will be the first to be adjusted as they are usually the most fluid costs that people can budget with. My rent, fuel, insurance have also gone up, (out side the new tax) so all around the HST has come at a very bad time.

What does this mean? I like to go to restaurants and have dinner with friends. That will stop, or get reduced a lot. Camping will done more, out in the woods, as apposed to public and privately run campsites. When I travel up country to seminars and workshops, I may think twice about renting a hotel room, but RV instead somewhere it is free like a Wal-Mart parking lot.

My tuition have jumped a lot too. Currently I enjoy paying one of the lowest rates in Western Canada for university, about $407.00 per three credit course. Now the new rate will be $497.00 starting this September.

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