I am Back to Normal – SNAFU

I’m a little under the weather right now. I must have being dragging along some sort of flu for the last couple of day that just hangs around and drags me down to about ten percent and never lets go. Yuck! I had it since last Thursday, but it got really bad on Saturday. I missed the Fort Langley parade because of it. I still have the lingering effects of it in nose and throat. May flues suck, but so do any summer flu.

I have being told that this is probably why I got so under the weather, because of all the four hour sleeps and long hours of reading for some research papers coming up.  I knew this would happen-as it does every term; they call it sleep deprivation, like a form of self torture one inflicts, and you crawl forward with a goal of seeking higher enlightenment, but sooner or later it will catch up to you, but the goal is so tempting so you run yourself down getting there.

Another sign of bad news came in the form of a malfunctioning lap top.  My HP notebook died on me while I was taking notes in class last night. I left it running while we took our break, and when I came back to class and powered it up, the screen went black after about four seconds into the start up. Now, it just does the same thing: starts up, then freezes. I guess I have something to do next weekend now. Fortunately I did not have any critical information on it from my classes. I will miss typing out my notes from the lectures though. I find typing way more convenient than hand written notes.

So, lack of sleep, a dead lap top, lots of readings: I think things are back to normal now.

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