Finally Truth in Advertising! Thanks to the Onion – Ya Baby

OK, before I go full steam into my diatribe, I want to put a word of caution on this next You-Tube clip I am posting–course language. This clip contains some very nasty language, so keep the kids away from this.

With Apple releasing its latest great piece of consumer gadgetry, I could not resist posting this clip made by the Onion News Network–God I love these guys–on just how close they got it. Unfortunately, all of the latest stuff released by Apple and other manufactures so far this year amounts to garbage on the scale of usefulness for me. What I need to succeed, has not come close to me busting the doors down at the local buy-more store, becuase, frankly, the stuff is pointless and will not help me in my daily life’s routines. So far, my four year old cell phone and three year old lap-top are doing very well for my daily needs.

Sure, I know, everyone is trying so hard to make me part with my hard earned money, but really, you got to give me something that is practical, especially in today’s’ piss-poor economy, it’s gotta do something for me. Wheels for my fifteen cylinder, two miles to the gallon, SUV,  now that is important; not some lame, I-have-to-use-my-fingers, touch-screen, no mouse, whatever it is–lap-top. If they want to sell me something, then they got to get their priorities right! Make me a better lap-top. Make me a news paper that you see on Harry Potter and Serenity–then we will talk, me parting with my legal tender.


Watch the video, and then think about all the stupid junk that is being pushed on you, and the cheesy ads that promote it. And then when you are done, click on all the other videos that the Onion News Network has made, and laugh out loud!

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  1. 😯


    Ya, I think I’ve seen that one before… mint!

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