Happy, Sad, Proud, Honoured: Just One Big Damn Ball of Emotions Right Now.

I guess a little rewind because this actually took place during one my classes last Thursday night. They were celebrating the convocation of last term’s grads on campus then, and got a bird’s eye view of part of the ceremonies that took place outside from the classroom I was in. After class I went outside to see if I knew anyone there, and sure enough I found two friends from some of my previous classes there.

It was kind of freaky seeing my friends dressed up in the whole cap and gown garb. This years, the colours are red. They used to be blue, or a dark navy blue, and the caps almost looked black. I guess they change up the colours every once in a while?

My friend Lisa Anthsworth (spelling??) made her d’ebut all most seven years ago when she first set foot on university soil and started her journey of academic enlightenment. Here major is Physiology, and a minor in Criminology. Her road had many bumps and turns in it because she was so dependant on student loans and scholarships. She once told me that when the people of Canada voted for a Conservative Government, they turned the clocks of humanity back by two decades. She was referring to the cost that this would have on social polices for everyday Canadians. She told me at the ceremonies that with her new job, working as a clinician, she will have her debt paid in full by 2014. She fears for the children of Canada who will try to seek a higher level of education, as the liberal opportunities will be all but made impossible for them to succeed, only the wealthy once again will advance forward.

I’ll miss the conversations that me and Lisa had. She had a critical comment on just about everything.

Kyle, or Critical Kyle, as he is known in sentencing circles while participating in restorative justice was also getting graduation treatment. I’ll miss him because he proved that no matter how hard you party the night before, if you really want to succeed the next day in class, you will, and he is living proof that you can. One morning almost one year ago late winter when we were taking third year criminology theory together, I found him hungover in the cafeteria stairwell. It was about 7:00am and the security guards had just opened all the doors on campus. I grabbed him and helped him along to the classroom, where is was at least warm. I parked him at the back where he was about fifty percent coherent. He stunk of booze and looked liked he fell off of the waggon.

As the class neared the end, after three hours of lecture, I looked back to see how Kyle was doing.  Amazingly he was looking fine, but when the class was over, most of the other students were staying clear of him. I had another class right in the same room, so I stayed right where I was in the same seat. Kyle had to move on, but he couldn’t. As the next class started to filter in, he looked as if he was going to be sick. He had me worried. I thought about going over to him and helping him out, but just as I was about to get up, his girlfriend came storming into the classroom. She was mad/angry/livid! She started pulling on his ear and escorting him out of the classroom. Everyone in the room started laughing as she was almost grabbing him by the collar and dragging down the hall, and outside. I like to bring that up every once in while for him.

So, there. It is sad, yet nice, to see friends go as they move on out into the world. Soon it will be my turn, my turn to leave and move on. Weird that I feel like this. A place that has started to grow on me, now become a place of so much happiness and sadness. It is a shame that so very few people on the world will even have the opportunity to experience life in those lecture halls and classrooms.

I can now dispel the myth that you do not become a cone-head from learning too much stuff—as one of my sisters so eloquently told me once. Your are just putting your brain-cells to good use.

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