What is up with this weather? First we had an unbelievable winter where it was so warm that some days you could wear shorts and a t-shirt in it, and then when spring finally hits, I am wearing a sweater again. Yesterday we were hitting some damn good temperature, but then this morning when I woke up and started doing some laundry, it is cold out again. On top of that, I think it is going to rain too! :shock:

I just want a whole weekend with sun in it. Maybe I am asking for too much? Nope, I think we deserve it!

Based on experience from other years where the weather patterns looked like this, I can see a massive mosquito problem on the horizon! Time to get the bug-bite out.


OK, the day took on a turn for the better and became the end of a perfect weekend. Although a little on the cool side, the clouds move away and the little village of Fort Langley changed.

It is funny how many people were out walking. Funny becuase there are so many socail groups that use Fort langley as their community. Probably the fastest growing group to take over the streets are the rowers. Next to them I see the joggers and peddle bikers, or as my friend calls them, the spandex warriors, where every morning, gathering in certain locations around the community, they prepare for their rides/runs out along the Fort to Fort Trail. There are things that these eyes should not see, and wardrobe malfunctions from spandex wearers are one of them–especially while following a group in your car down the main drag.

Next to the spandex clubs are the motorcyclists. Mixed in with this group of small gangs are the weekend warriors who pretend that they are riding the American dream, but are just normal middle class, middle aged yuppies on bikes. Usually it is the pubs that you will find the remembers of organized gangs hanging around, but the café shops are where you will find the spandex weekenders.

Then there are the walkers, which are people who like to window shop, or loiter around, walking endlessly up and down the main street. They are also known as the gawkers. It is very hard to the tell the locals from the tourists this time of year, you can tell the hardcore tourist, the Kodak Attackers which are  teams of outsiders with their camers clicking away at anthing that moves, or seems to be too colouful to resist a click–they stand out.

I cannot tell you how many times I have been asked where the public wash rooms are from tourists today. I counted six times while I was out shopping at the local market. Fort Langley does not have public wash rooms. To re leave yourself, you must go to one of the local shops and become a customer to use their facilities. It is a quaint way of issuing a user-fee for public services, kinda like a toll on our bridges, you “pay as you go” around here. If you are guy, then you have more options. Hey, I didn’t come up with it and implement this social policy for Fort Langley! I do know that some would fear this as an invite for the homeless people to use the public wash rooms if we have them, and we don’t want that, I mean the homeless people that is. So Fort Langley does not have public wash rooms-end of story-don’t ask me any more.

Well, it is time to call it a day. I have one more homework project to complete, and its deadline is this Thursday, so I will give the blog a rest until next time.

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