Clouds on High – When Did Summer Start?

The funny thing about clouds, you either love them, or you hate them, there is very little in between. When I looked on my calendar last week and saw that the summer solstice was near, I was excited. When I looked out the window, I had my doubts that summer was on its way, as I put my sweater on to go outside.

Since then, a week to be exact, the official start of summer has gone by, but the shift between summer and spring like days still bounces back and forth as each new day could bring any type of weather you can think of. Last week, Friday morning, it could have snowed it was so cool out. Today, I thought about turning on the air conditioner.

I told my co-workers that from now on the days are getting shorter until winter. That killed the moment.  They hate me now. Oh well, c’est la vie!

Still the clouds keep rolling in, and even now, with a fairly warm day, as soon as the sun is hidden from the clouds the cool air returns. “Clouds, I love you, but sometime you gotta go…”

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