Speaking of Family in General Terms – 2010 So Far

This is a post about some of the highlights of breaking points and changes that have occurred in my family, those around me of whom I am genetically attached to. I will not post explicit information about anyone person with details and personal information as I know how some members are very direct about their anonymity. I will respect that here on my blog.

To start off with, I like to congratulate the newest member to the family and to the world, my great (my sister’s, daughter’s daughter) niece. She was born on June 14, 2010 and marks the first of her generation into the new millennium. I really hope that we have left world in good enough shape for her to have all the wonderful opportunities that we have enjoyed in the preceding generations. It will be a tough run for her as my niece and her husband are just starting out themselves, but I am sure they will succeed too and move forward in peace and prosperity. A toast to the next generation and to a new life born into this world.

The heart is an interesting organ of the body. It not only congers up intrinsic values in our everyday language, but it also is considered the bases of the function of life next to breathing. A couple of months ago a brother-in-law had to undergo open heart surgery to fix a faulty valve. In all fairness to universal healthcare in Canada, the problem was fixed within a week of his diagnoses. With the advances in technology, he was discharged from the hospital within a week, and is expected to start working again by this August, and one can only imagine what would have happened if this took place over three decades ago.

An uncle who has had a very prosperous life suffered a stroke several months, and is now starting to recover some his basic motor function again. I spoke with with today on the phone, and was awestruck at the severity and recovery of his stroke. He had one half of his body paralysed and the stroke took away his ability to speak. But since that dreadful moment back in February he has shown great promise of recovery. With the support of his family, he is sure to make a full recovery.

A great uncle has move into a senior’s care facility. This is where time stops for no one and a signal that none of us are getting younger. Although I was never as close as I wanted to be too him, he was an iconic figure in my life. With so much distance between me and him, it is tough to build a bridge and keep the bonds strengthen, but time goes on leaving nothing in its path untouched. I will always have those memories.

The two tornadoes that touched down in Midland Ontario last week were very close to where two of my great aunts live. Midland is sort of my home town. I was very young when we moved from there, but I have lots of family there.

I sit here thinking about myself and the family around me, and how they have impacted me, and how I have impacted all of them. The family has shaped my core values, but as I leave the bonds of the family, and embarked on my own journey, my core values shifted greatly as my trajectory through life goes on. An English professor once taught me that this process is called existentialism, and that it is significant for each person, and as a significant event happens in one’s life, this existentialism will change creating a whole new set of core values for one’s self. Perhaps one should be mindful of this and make a significant effort not to forget the change in core values because this could also lead to a loss of other connections made from the distant past.

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