Canada Day – What Does it Mean?

I just did a whole day working on a new vehicle – thank you Diane. I am sore, as I spent most of that time standing in one position, arched over the engine with my head crouched under the hood. The good news is, I think everything looks good and the vehicle might pass through the inspection centre. We have this thing called Air-Care, or as some call it, the “mechanic’s Dream Law” because it force people to do maintenance on their vehicles in order to pass the emissions standards law. I think it is a great money revenue scheme, as there are ways to get around it if your vehicle does not pass the test–for another fee of course.   We can claim with this law that we care about air!

Canada Day, July 1, 2010 making the country about 143 years old.

What is there to celebrate? Well, this depends on who you are, where you are living and probably your age. If you are of Chinese origin, than July 1st is known as the “Day of Shame” because Canada had the Chinese Head Tax during the early part of the last century. If you are aboriginal, as some of my friends are, then they simply do not care and do not recognize Canada as a legitimate state, only the guns, segregation, land rights and poverty represent Canada in their eyes. If you are young, say born after 1990, then Canada day is just another opportunity for a long weekend and holiday to kick off summer with. If you were born between 1940 and 1965, then you would have a stronger appreciation for what Canada is; these are the baby-boomers. If you live in Fort Langley, well, it rained today, and it was not a great day doing the fun outdoor activities.

Personally for me Canada has all the problems that any other nation state has.  It has poverty and other issues related to economics and the care and well being of some its less fortunate citizens. I believe that we are over taxed, our Banks sucks, and the government does not adequately represent the people. But realistically these are minor issues because we are truly fortunate to live in a democratic government that at least is somewhat accountable to the people it servers and is more fare to us than other governments around the world. Any how, it was a great day to work on a vehicle.

Hummm, I sound so negative?

Good night and may the sun shine again soon.

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