Getting Evolution Working With ShawMail Under Ubuntu 10.04

This is a very bare-bones How-To guide for getting Shaw Mail to work with Evolution, the default email program that comes stock with Ubuntu. I am using Ubuntu 10.04, Lucid and Evolution 2.28.3 for this guide. I highly doubt that these settings are going to change that much between each version.

Before you begin you may need to find the long address of your server address with Shaw. This depends on what area you live in around Western Canada, and can be found at this link on the Shaw web site. Just find your city, and copy and paste it into the field as shown in this guide. Shaw Server Names.

If you are using the start-up wizard, or you are adding a new address, the steps are pretty much the same. Shaw uses the POP and SMTP for email. Evolution is just as basic as any other proprietary software is, so these steps should be easy follow.

Also, you should have your email account already set up with ShawMail through their online web mail support page, including your email name, password and address. Evolution will not do that for you; you can only set up what you have already with Shaw. If you have Evolution set up, say with another email account, then these settings can be found in Edit -> Preferences -> click, and highlight the email account that you want to edit, or start a new account, and choose Edit.

Step 1.

Your name is really what you want displayed by Evolution. This is not something that you have to have set-up with Shaw. However, your email address is critical, as that is what you should have set-up with Shaw.

Step 2.

Next, set up the POP settings, which is how you download your email from Shaw. Where you see the field called “Server,” that is where you will paste the long address from the link at the ShawMail web page. And for the User Name field, that is the first part of your email address before @shaw, in my example it is different from the Figure shown in Step #1.

Step 3.

This is optional. You can set this for however long each time Evolution checks for emails. You can even set up a wave file to go off when it downloads an email, alerting you that you just received an email.

Step 4.

Setting up the SMTP, for uploading emails that you are sending. Again, paste the long address that you got from the ShawMail Web Page. You need to check off the “Server Requires Authentication” check box, but you do not need to check off the “Remember Password,” unless you do not like typing in your password each time you start Evolution.

The User Name field under Authentication in this Figure is just the name of your account that you listed for Evolution, not ShawMail. This has nothing to do with what you entered with ShawMail, but this name should match what you have entered in “Account Information” field in Step #1.

And that should be it.

The most common mistake I see is when the incorrect information is written down from what was typed in on the Shaw Email Website during the creation of an email account. The user name, pass word and email address must be correct or you will not connect to the Shaw Server.

I really hope that this guide helps anyone out as I know getting good support from any ISP on Linux based operating systems is something less than perfect.

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