Butterflies and Sweat – The Three Minute Presentation

Tonight I have to give a presentation as part of my professional communication class . I got the sweat and butterflies going inside my head and stomach as I prepare for the three minute presentation.  Sure, I have done lots of these presentations in the past, and I should be darn good at these, but this one is different. It is not the content that I will be graded on, but the way in which I present myself and the quality of the presentation that will be critiqued.

Some call this torture, while others can deal with this without batting an eyebrow, but I fall somewhere in the middle emotionally with this. I know that I should not put too much into this, but I cannot help it, as it is for marks after all. And marks are what I need; really good marks, as I feel I have being slacking off in the last week or two. I got to see some of the other students do their presentations already, so that helped, but they got the better pick as their talks were allowed to run up to a minute longer than what I have to do today. The extra few minutes is better when you have a lot of information to spew out in just three minutes.

The content is just as weird as the time limit. We have to do what are called action analysis where you identify a problem at your work, or a situation that you deal with on a daily bases and you try to improve it. First you have to pitch it, then create the action analysis report by identifying that there is a problem, then later on you proceed with two additional steps where you find a remedy, and then you fix it, or try to fix it. I am talking, or presenting on, the action analysis tonight and I feel totally unprepared for it.

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