Overload Circuit 17B: Total Denial

Tonight I am taking it off. I am just going to sit around and rest, have some dinner and not think about anything academic. It has been a week of extremes for me. With a presentation that was delivered on Tuesday, that also involved a day of Hell, not baring the heat wave but a shorting out of an electric forklift, the day ended with myself wanting to hide underneath a rock for the rest of the day. That feeling of loss of control was overwhelming, yet I was in the driver’s seat, and it made no sense to me as I tried to navigate home with only one headlight that was dimmed by a faulty module switch under the hood of a newly acquired Pathfinder SUV.

This week I managed to block most of the daily events of work. The highlight was the rush of last minute requests that came from all directions. Other than the Tuesday forklift indecent, the rush and amplitude of demands were unfathomable. I learned how people change on a moments notice when extreme pressure is applied. I also learned that people developed extremely interesting coping mechanisms when dealing with pressure, stress and fatigue. If the heat did not get you, then the chain of command did. The best anyone could was the best they could under the circumstances.

The “Smother With Kindness Rule,” (SMKR) was used extensively during the peak demands periods at work too. I have blogged about this before, where the more angry you get with someone, the more SMKR you apply to them. One person I remark to when the SMKR counts of the synonym “awesome” hit four words per minutes, I humbly asked if I had done something wrong. The reply was more synonyms of the word “greatness.” I now know that person was pissed!

The presentation from Tuesday was, in my mind, an almost complete disaster. I took the hit on the loss of one complete letter grade because I could not get permission on a graphic I wanted to use in the power-point because of possible legal issues. The graphic had a corporate logo in it, and after I was reassured that it was going to be all right, no permission was ever given, so I took it out of the power-point. Yes, I should have had a back-up plan, but I was given the word on faith that it would be all right. (Never bet on faith alone – it will bite you in the ass.) The requirement of the graphic was a pivotal element in my power-point. Even the most trusted and responsible people you know can leave you high and dry out of the water during your moment of need. For that person, it was not a matter that warranted any concerns because of the philosophy that that person lived by: “if it is not profitable, then my time is not here.”  I guess it was charity to that person? Too bad, I will treat in kind when my time is needed.

Next week will be the homeworkicicus maximus of the semester. Three major assignments are due then.  Tonight I rest, tomorrow and for the next five days I work on assignments for my courses. Two are papers, and the other assignment is my big presentation with a group lasting three hours. This is where taking summer classes hurts the ego; you will be outside enjoying your summer days and I will be inside banging away on this keyboard hoping to create the perfect paper and writing the ultimate theses.

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