The Savage Life Style of a Student in University

Dear blog, sometimes I use this little corner of cyberspace to vent and air my thoughts, and other times, just to show off my inner side of life which includes some art, images and diatribes. I think the theme of today’s entry will be on communication.

First let me paint the background for you. Over the last five weeks I have been part of a group that presented in my human rights class, lovingly called CRIM4301. Today we had to teach the class on a assigned topic, in this case, on the International Criminal Court. There are five of us, so lots of room for each of us to present for the whole three hour block. Five weeks ago we planned our subject matter, set goals and worked on our own to make our parts well rehearsed and polished. In fact we met more times than what was required because we all wanted the obtain the goal of “A,” or higher.

Forty-eight hours ago two of the group members approached the prof and asked him some question on why we got such a weak mark on our group proposal. It was a low “B,” and that hurt. He replied that we need to change our thesis, and eliminate half of our topics, and keep everything to a bear minimum.

Last night I got the email with the header, “Urgent, urgent, urgent,” across it and a cryptic note that read, “wrong everything, here is our new thesis, start over again….”

Everything we had worked on was thrown out the window. We had to start from scratch, and salvage what we could from our original plan.

With little sleep, we made it through, but with a pissed off attitude as we marched on blindly with our talk.

I was so glad that it that is was over and done. Although, personally, I feel that this was way too much, and that our effort was substandard, there is a part of me that is angered at the whole situation. We felt that communication was not given on what the prof asked for, but on the other hand, we should have kept asking and asking for his opinion and checked in to see if we were on the right track.

It is over now and I can sit back and lick my wounds. I look out at the wonderful clear blue sky and wonder why I am inside with the window opened and my computer and monitor blasting heat at me. Then that old saying popped into my head, and it goes, “You can loose the battle, but still win the war.” Perhaps that is so true in this case?

Well, there is about four weeks left in this term, and still lots of work to do. I must love punishment.

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