Nothing Really to Write About

The last two days have being uneventful. This is nice because they were very stress free and I got a lot done around the house. I can honestly say that having a hum-drum couple of days were almost a prefect way to enjoy the summer days of July.

Even work was at a minimum, which is a nice change from the chaos and pandemonium that it has being over the last few weeks. With the near cataclysmic death of the forklift, the dead server and mysterious worker who wrote a letter of criticism that caused some to run for cover, the last couple of weeks were hitting new records for highs and lows. Between Friday until today, work has been really nice and peaceful.

So, what did I do over the weekend with new found time? I started my last term paper for my human rights class, and began work on my final group project in my communications class.  So I kept busy, stayed out of trouble and read a few high impacted books that I otherwise would have never have read in the course of my normal life. Oh, and I did a little art and graphic work too for my personal enjoyment on the computer. Hard to believe that today is only Monday—like it.

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