This is Just a Little Test Post to Get My Twitter-feed Working – Not Important

I’m setting up my Twitter Feed to work with the blog. This is tough getting everything just right with so many settings, yikes.

Lets see if I can get this damn thing to tweet for me.

Added: Success! It worked! Yeah!

Now when I post, my Twitter feeds are send out to alert everyone that I have posted. Am I doing the world a favour by broadcasting my blog posts and jumping on the social media bandwagon, or is all this internet stuff just a complete waist of time and energy? Well, I kind of like it, and I am paying for it.

Heh heh, it appears that there are some who are anti-social media. I guess not everyone is a fan of networking. Hey-this is how you get the “better” employer to notice you, as compared to the social Luddite employers who are still stuck in the 80’s.

5 Thoughts on “This is Just a Little Test Post to Get My Twitter-feed Working – Not Important

  1. Twitter? Ugh… not you too… 😉

    Sorry, Twitting (yes I know it’s “tweeting”, but “twit ” conveys my meaning better?) is not something I ever see myself being interested in participating in.

    Facebook is a stretch for me as it is.


  2. Heh Heh, I’ve had a twitter account longer than I have known you. But I use it for classmates and keeping tabs on my new (prospective) employer(s).

    But yes, I agree that it is a bit over the top with useless junk (data/text/garbage) of people who are over excessive with broadcasting what their every moves/thought/activities are.

    I just want these people know I’ve made a new post – and read it.

  3. Well, if it serves your purpose… congrats on making it work! 😉

  4. Thanks, I’m happy too with my achievement.

    Oh, and congrats to your newest addition in your family. I bet you are tired now, eh? Heh heh.

  5. 😯

    Pooped is the word! Love her to death, though!

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