Reflection, Refraction, Redirection and the Turtle at the Surrey Campus

I was walking back to the “G” building, and the path took me by the pond in front of the “D” building, which is where the turtles live. In the corner of my eye I spotted one of them. I unloaded my books, laptop and took out my camera to get some shots.

While I took a few shots, I decided to sit and just watch the reptile laying there catching the sun. He/She was obviously enjoying the heat becuase for ten minutes as he/she did not move from the piece of wood floating on the water.

The pond was so relaxing. The wind blew nice cool air from off the water and from where I was sitting there were other more interesting looking species walking about too. There were some smoking hot human females too checking out the pond, and I am sure that if it were not for the slime, they would have jumped in the water to cool themselves off. I can only imagine that hundreds of male humans from all around would have converged at the pond too for the sights.

I had the pond all to myself; just me and the turtle. There was peace for me, however, I can not Imagen what the turtle felt with a human watching its every move and a camera–“damn voyeurs.”

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