Putting the Blog Up on the Pedestal-Social Networking and My New Employer

Graduation is less than twenty weeks away, and the countdown between no more classes and the search and choice of who my future employer are starting to gain momentum. Time is flying by now. At last check, I have three weeks left this term and 14 for the next, plus the couple of weeks in between semesters called the breaks and finals. I am writing this post to tell you all that I have embarked on a huge social Networking plan, at the request of a few agencies who are very interested in having me on board their teams. That last phrase was code for employers are asking me to come in for job interviews and a job market looks very promising with them–but they want more.

This networking blitz gives me a chance to show off my technical skills and all the lovely education that I have amassed over the last six years. Added to this that I have a fully functional web site and active social networking do-dads all over it now, I think I am on the right path.

With over 1250 posts to view, anyone who reads this will see that I am very active in the community and with networking.

This is a graphical representation of what I think the shiny new blog looks like now, the golden “T” is the new look behind the scenes.

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