Stopping an Idea with Rent-a-Cops: A Warrning About Freedom of Speech

Last Thursday I saw something that embarrassed me while I was sitting in my CRIM4301 class, a class on Human Rights. A fellow classmate who was supposed to be in the class with us was hurriedly walking past the classroom with two campus rent-a-cops in tow.   We all jumped up looked out the window from our second story view point when one of the students notice that he was outside in the parking lot being lured off of the campus grounds by four rent-a-cops, or campus security guards.

Why was this all happening? Emery Warner, who is also a student of Criminology, was doing a project similar to a project that I am doing in my Communications class, where he is brining to the attention of the students. facts and issues about the new company, Sodexo, who had just started taking over the cafeteria on all Kwantlen campuses. The issues range from Sodexo’s past and present job practises, and the quality of food they serve, not to mention the way they treat their employees.

Anyway, please read the on-line copy of the story that was posted in today’s Vancouver Sun news paper about Emery’s ordeal.

Kwantlen student cooks up a storm over cafeteria operators: Emery Warner says security guards barred him from campus for handing out protest pamphlets.

One Thought on “Stopping an Idea with Rent-a-Cops: A Warrning About Freedom of Speech

  1. “Jeff Shantz… said the harassment of Warner is indicative of an “offensive” trend toward corporatization at Kwantlen…”

    Hit the nail on the head… though it’s not just schools, but many aspects of our society seems to be pervaded by Corporatism.

    More and more I get the feeling that higher education institutions are serving more to stratify our society than contribute to it’s healthy and democratic development.

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