My Day Told in Pictures

I don’t know why, I just had the camera with me the whole day. I wasn’t the best of days, the weather was sunny, then stormy, then sunny again, and the attitude from everyone was one of “I want to go home and continue with the long weekend.”

Anyway, we all got through it.

So, here are some photos of my day, so far, as it is not over yet.

Life at 5:00am. It is weird that the sun is still getting up the same time I do. In fact, this whole picture is weird because the I only see the sun this early for less that two months our of the year–I’m not used to this. I’m usually long gone, and  off to work, before the sun starts to shine along the horizon.

The mid morning Moon shot. I was originally taking photos of the clouds because a storm system was rolling in, but this shot took my fancy. The Moon looks really cool in this image, I think, so I thought it was worthy of being posted here in the blog. Note: from my course in astronomy, on the Solar System, I know that this phase of the moon is the third quarter, soon we will have the new moon.

And then there is the library at the Surrey campus. I just took this one as I was typing this out (about 2:45pm). The architecture looks really cool, especially when there is little light outside (like late at night) and all the flood lights are on, but this only happens during the winter months when it gets much darker earlier in the day. In the summer, the sun turns everything a gold colour inside the walk-through area. You literally walk in from 30C super humid heat, into 20C super dry cool air from the A/C.

Next was the two group meetings that I had, which took me from 3:00pm until 6:30pm, just before my 7:00pm evening class. So, eight solid hours of campus! My butt was sore from sitting for so long, and when we took our breaks it was like walking on glass my legs hurt so much.

There is still so much work to do until the very end of the semester. Less than ten days to go! Oh we need more time to polish these presentations.

From the above image you can see that our energy levels are running out from the input on these brain storming session. This is our last presentation we have for our communications class, where each of us gets only 2:30 minutes to speak. Every second counts in these presentations!

After class, on the way out from the Admissions Building I took this shot(s). I was there so late! I want to curl up on the bench and stay the evening–I didn’t want to move.

I watched the fountain at the turtle pond – it was hypnotizing. It was peaceful. The flash had a nice effect on the water too.

Here we go – the end to a perfect day. OK, it wasn’t that perfect, but it sure felt like when I sat down and took this photo. I could have slept on the bench I was so tired.

Good night.

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