If This Becomes Fact, Linux Will Undoubtedly Become the Most Used OS On the Planet.

Now this intrigues me, as I am a great fan of the Open Source community, and the thought of Linux becoming the most used OS on the Planet makes me want to say, “I told you so, LOL.” This all came from the news that India, the other super power, will build and supply its own version of the touch screen lap top for about $35.00 (OS New: July 26, 2010).

So why would I say Linux will be the most used OS on the planet? Because if you are going to build something like this and you want to keep the costs way down, you are not going to use propitiatory software. You are not going to use a foreign country, such as US, to commission your efforts and being trapped by non-winning contracts and agreements, inevitably keeping with the “Banana Republic” philosophy of Western business. To avoid the Banana Republic syndrome, you want to keep all manufacturing and operations domestic. The profitability of having One Billion new users on-line is huge. And if all that money and technological can stay domestic, then you have won—period .

This will help all people locally who will use the device in having a worth while experience. Also, having  an open source OS to connect with the world will most likely mean not having to worry about ad-ware and nag-screens bagging you for money every five seconds—the perfect tool for a struggling college student.

I hope that the Indian government can pull this off. One tiny part of me wants to see this project succeed so that I can say, Mac and Micro$oft are now only number Two and Three in the world.

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One Thought on “If This Becomes Fact, Linux Will Undoubtedly Become the Most Used OS On the Planet.

  1. I’m 110% with you on this one. Puts the idea of a $100 computer to shame.


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