Social Media and Personal Connectiveness: The Old Boy’s Network In A Beatdown

I was inspired when I first was this video just a few weeks ago in my business  communications class. What took me by surprise were some of the stats that streamed out as the shock effect of the video’s content flowed out at me with lighting speed. Of course, that was the intent of the video’s creators, to jam you with data, making the point of just how fast this revolution of social media is growing.

This video piece demonstrates to me the “new” direction that we are heading into as opposed to the desired, controlled, predestined direction that a few special interests elites would like us to go in, adding that if anyone feels that they have any control of it, then they are a fool. This direction is a total change in the way we socially interact. This includes everything from shopping, voting, communication and information gathering.

After 2010 the baby-boomers will not matter anymore as far as their influences on the world stage (Stats Canada). The effect on this change will be profound as this revolution from the digital age will impact all aspects of our world. The boundaries of political ideologies will blur and shift as voting demographics will be inspired by on-line content and digital communities. Capitalism will evolve into something never seen before as the new forces of on-line, social networking, consumerism will reshape it.

The rapid extinction of religions, cultures and languages is occurring at an unprecedented rate. The Internet will continue grow, even as governments grapple with the fear of new ideas and freedoms as they try and find ways to control and contain it. It is inevitable: the Net now can start wars, bring down government and decimate economies. Now that is power and a force to be reckon with.


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