With Just One More Assignment to Go, the Final Goodbyes for CMNS3100 –S10

At the end it was a job well done. Sitting with the group members from my Business Communications class, we looked somber as the physical part of the course came to a close. The last portion of the course had been met. Yes! It was a good job. In fact, I believed it was a job well done, but the fruits of our labour will be recognized with our final mark still to come.

Just one segment of the course remains, and then the summer semester of 2010 will be closed. Next, and lastly, the group will write what is called a final recommendation report from our group project. All of this will be done by email, and then it is goodbye.

Before the actual presentation the entire group, except me, embarked on what is now a class tradition—a shot of hard alcohol before presentations. We went to one of the bistros that sit adjacent to the university and had our pre-dinner and ceremonial shots—any hard drink taken in a shot-glass. I of course do not drink alcohol, so I sat and watched. We also ate too, but I was not that hungry.

Watching four twenty something women swish down their tiny one ounce shot classes was weird, as from my perspective it was like watching four kids in a bar—I am getting old—OMG!  But they puckered up and drank. Once the drinks settled, and we talked for a couple of minutes, it was up to class.

We missed getting a closer time sought at the beginning of the class, as we all like getting it over with as soon as possible, but instead we were the third last group to present.  Everyone in the class looked their best. Men in dress shirts, and the women in their smart business attire, the class looked like a fashion convention of the latest Sears summer dress catalogue: it was breath taking! One day I will write about the clothing option from this day, but not now.

This was the last time that we would be together as a group. It is hard to say goodbye after fourteen weeks of pure stress and hard work. It is times like this that makes team work almost unbearable because once you have formed these alliances, breaking them up like this is twice as hard as it was in creating them.  Perhaps this was the final lesson from the class on business communication?

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