Twenty-Two Weeks, Two Courses, Two Degrees

Today is a very special day for me. The clock is counting down and time is speeding up as the last of the work is just but a few weeks away. This is like having all the planets lining up to form a very significant astronomical event, my life long ambition of having my degrees will come to past, and then my new life will start right after that.

First, twenty-two weeks left of classes, and just two course left to complete. It will be part time as far as the workload goes, but I am sure I will keep busy with the work. Once done, I will have two pieces of paper to show for everything done since 2004, and 2006.

Second, planning has started. My applications have started getting replies and my current employment has been notified–officially.

Last, I have kicked my networking into super-fast mode. Just today I landed two very important employment opportunities that are right within my dream career path. The names and references fell on my lap, (speaking figuratively).

Today also marks the very last time I will have to travel for a class at the Surrey Campus. I will miss the place, but I am sure I will visit it in the near future for whatever reason.

My head is spinning. I never knew it would move this fast. I feel chaotic, but I am in control.

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