Cooked Meat On a Grill: At Least Make it Safe

To TM and DS, I hope you two are getting through you ordeal. To the rest of the people that went over for a barbecue, I hope the “Hurshy Squirt” feelings passes soon. The the ones who were doing the cooking, you may have a law suit on your hands?

Many years ago I fell victim to under cooked food that was the result of my hastiness on the grill, and I got dreadfully sick. I will never will forget that part of my life as I felt like I was on my death-bed and spent a couple days inside while summer time activities were put on hold. Another time was at a chicken restaurant in Toronto, but that was mild compared to the last bout of sickness. These were wake up calls for just how dangerous food can be, especially cooking meat.

There is a trust issue when food is involved. I remember once when I was just a kid, I watched my sister choking on a piece of steak. It freaked me out, and for years I chewed the heck on my food because of that. Eventually I got over it. I will not return to the same restaurant if I felt the slightest inclining of sickness from the food. The psychological effect that food has on people is almost universal according to my Psych Professor from my first year psychology class. One super bad experience is all that it takes.

Now, I never ate any. I sat and talked to everyone, and even I never suspected that something was wrong with the food. Fortunately I was leaving for my afternoon class at the time, so I was spared. I could have been a victim!

So, cook your food. Make sure that there is no red juices on the meat. Cook it right through. Don’t take the change of getting sick from it!

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