Is It Ever Hot Out!

I do think we have passed the criteria of what Environment Canada calls a Heat Wave?

Other than watching my lawn furniture melt, a couple of things happened today that makes wonder if everything is falling a part?

This morning a bird hit my bedroom window. Knocked itself out cold. I was typing my report this morning for my last bit of homework when I heard a loud thump coming from my window where I was sitting. It was loud enough that I jumped up and ran outside to see if someone had thrown a rock up over the fence from the road. This has happened before. When I started walking back after inspecting the window for damage, I caught a brown object moving on the ground—it was a bird.

The poor thing was just slowly moving, its eyes wide open, but clearly stunned with the wind knocked out of it. I slowly touched it to see if would move, but it just sat there. I slowly picked it up and moved it to underneath my walkway where it was in the shade. I watched it for a few moments, and it started to regain some of its motor functions. I left it, so I would not let it freak out, as I’m sure it was not in any mood of it thinking if whether I was going to kill it.

When I came back a few minutes later, the bird was gone. I wanted to check to see if it did in fact not die, as having a dead bird in a hot sweltering day would not be a good thing. The bird did hit the window hard enough that it left bird shit on the window. It was lucky to survive that impact!

I feel sorry for the women who have to walk outside during the heatwave. I watched this pregnant women walking down the main street who looked as if she was ready to pop, and she did not look too happy. She was wearing a summer dress, but with all that rigging underneath, she looked cumbersome, and in pain. The sweat was just pouring from off of her face. My friends who were with me, women, told me that she was probably dealing with a bad case of heat rash too. I guess the weather needs to get a whole lot hotter before women to go topples.

Well, gotta go. I’m what the power bill is going to be like when I get it. The A/C is working very hard right now. Like I’m helping the climate out.

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