Heat Effected Attitudes-the Fake ‘n Bake Rate

If there is one thing that I have learned since working with contractors, it is that laziness abounds. When hard based labour is required, taking the shortcuts usually means “passing the buck” on to the next guy, without any remorse, in spite of their evil hands and minds–they happily go about their day. Harsh is the penalty of insubordination.

These are strong words, especially coming from me, but I have witnessed in the last few days of the heat wave, time in and time out, the level of apathy among co-workers. It is surging beyond belief as each record hot day passes, so does the count for incidence reports, now at five in total.

I have had people dump garbage in my work area, left paperwork incomplete, and have had people say some very hateful things to me because they did not feel that they should do the final leg of their duties. Sure, I could have walk off the job and said “see ya later, you deal with the mess,” but that would have being the cowardly way out. Instead, I have resorted to written disciplinary notices, left unfinished jobs back on their work schedules, and held off on their up coming job until they completed their required duties of completion on their past jobs.

The cries, the whining, the language. Oh my. Poor fools, those foolish fools.

What these people forget is that a pen, and a piece of paper and the words that are written on it, stays with them for the rest of the duration of their contracts. Oh yes, the file. Their file—your file!

The inability of fulfilling their end of the bargain, or a breach of contract, means that the agreement can be terminated if the breach is due to any number of reasons. Lack of duty, derelict of duty, breach of duty, these are very bad things to defend against. Their duty to full fill the requirements of the contract as the contractor, mine is to make sure that the tools are there so they can do that, but there needs to be a meeting of the minds, a single playing field to work on. Without this agreement, nothing could get done, that is fare reasonable. So, a punishment must be enacted. It is a cruel world–yes I know–but “you can’t have your pudding if you don’t eat your meat” and vegetables (Pink Floyd).

Tomorrow will be a new day. But for my friends, the contractors, this new day will be rot with old news from past days that they will be faced with and cornered. The essence of a stain on their file will permeate with the fragrance of a bitter-sweet flower of guilt and disgrace.

Need I say anymore.

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