Sleeping In Today

Well the first of my marks came in. Not bad; not that great, but I can live with it. A letter grade of B+ was given to me for my efforts. My weakness: the presentations, and my thesis for my major paper. The argument was good, but the effort put into it was not, or at least worthy of a grade of A. So the total combined effort that course was rewarded with a B+.

[ADDED] My GPA seems to have only suffered a little bit. I lost a one hundredth of a point.

I am still waiting for more marks to trickle in. The term is not quite over yet. For my last course, the final paper just handed in last night, and is a group assignment, almost the equivalent of a final exam. So my heart is beating very lightly as the will marked this my Monday.

Today, this morning, I purposely slept in. It felt great not to worry about a starting time, and having responsibilities waiting for me when the alarm clock goes off. Though I did felt guilt when I opened my eyes, and forced myself back to sleep. It was cold, too. I had to grab another blanket to cover myself with. Could a early winter be around the corner waiting for us? No! Not so soon.

The Police came and dealt with my unruly neighbours last night. They were drinking, smoking drugs, acting like children with their loud voices and bad language. A car was damaged as it hit another car along the street. Everyone who was drinking was also driving. The police were vigorous this time around because there were little kids on the premisses while the drinking and drugs were being consumed. Not a very healthy atmosphere for children in a household to be in, eh?

[ADDED] It appears that I was not the only one who put their foot down and alerted the police about last night’s little episode. I now know of two others who did some phoning of their own. I guess I cannot take all the credit after all.

Am I the bad person for this? They seem to think so as I took away their fun. But what about the children, the safety of our roads, and my peace of mind? Maybe the drugs made them forget, or did they forget long before that?

My landlord is like an ostrich, who quickly buries its head in the sand hoping that the problem will work itself out and go away. I bypass them and deal with these issues myself. In the past I have sent the mounties over to their place too. Sad isn’t. They know, but they don’t care, only their reputations after the fact. If they actually thought about what they were doing before hand then all would be well today. That was a different story, told a long time ago.

The HST. I love how this roller coaster ride of a story is taking on a life of it own. I am a proud signer of the petition of the anti-HST protest. My argument is that it is not the tax itself, but the timing of it. Introducing a tax right in the middle of a recession has got to be one of the most sure ways of committing political suicide that there is. Canadian history is full of good examples of this. You don’t start taxing during rough times: you will loose your votes. Unless Prime Minister Harper and Premier Campbell decide that Canada should be a Fascist State and start running everything like Hitler did, then I will leave. They could start taxing all they want after that, I wouldn’t care. But in the mean time, I do not want them in power if they are going to crank up taxes to pay off the 2010 Olympics and Corporate Welfare pay-outs! Such apathy towards the people to feed only the big businesses at our expense —what happened to capitalism and the market economy? Yeah, it doesn’t work. I shake my head.

Well, time for that first cup of coffee, and then my morning surf for the news. Awh, to sleep in.

[ADDED] A cup of coffee turned into a full pot. I hit the coffee hard today, but sure got a lot done.

Until next time.

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