Lady Gaga in Vancouver

Like other pop stars of yesteryear, and no doubt still to come, it is the best in “media manipulation” that rises to the top. Lady Gaga is no exception. She seems to be cleaning house on the net and through her concerts, but hardly registering on the traditional charts where albums sales determine an artist’s worth. Her Youtube videos are in the millions of views, and every bit-torrent is a buzz with peers bouncing bits back and forth like mad of her mp3s.

Lady Gaga played in Vancouver last night, The Monster Ball, inviting people to dress up in their monster ball costumes. To see photos of Lady Gaga, courtesy of the VancouverSUN, click here.

I first learned about Lady Gaga through my technical writing prof who proclaimed that she was undoubtedly a master in communication.  Not because her music is good, or that she has a face of a, err, angel, but through her PR and huge networking on the Internet. She has more hits and downloads that most other pop stars combined. Her news feed on Google are so busy that I noticed that it stalls sometimes when waiting for updates. Over 31 million views on her on-line VEVO video “Poker face”  page is nothing to scoff at.

While I was in downtown Vancouver over the last week I saw two women who had their hair done up with the hair-bow, which seems to be the fashion statement for the next fifteen days. You can see this in the “Poker face” video. Also, the outfits that she wears seems to be hitting the streets too. Though I like to see someone who has the guts to wear the Latex Nun dress that she wore at the concert last night. I was not at the concert, but I have a friend who was there because he loves Lady Gaga, and it seemed to be a great opportunity to meet the weird (females of Vancouver). Through the magic of his iphone, he took pictures galore, and even of the security too.


Does sex sell? The stereotype of female pop stars holds true with Gaga. Show lots of skin, wear daunting costumes and have lots of sexual choreography in your videos and stage shows, and that seem to lure the teenagers with money to buy CDs and tickets.

Does her songs have messages in them? Sure, but so did Madonna, but does that matter with the people who listen to it? Her lyrics are not that provocative compared to stars of the past.

Lady Gaga is one of the undisputed masters of marketing according to my technical writing and communications prof, and that speaks volumes when a fifty plus male professor of business communications proclaims this in front of classroom full of twenty-something year old students.  The proof is in the 200 million made from her concerts this year and dominance on the net through her marketing.

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