The Shifty Satire of a Dead Beat Day: A Nonsense Post, It is Just Me Babbling

Finally the weekend is here. I am beat. When I got home today, I took a nap, and when awoke it was three hours later. I must have been tired. Sounds boring eh? Yes, it has been a boring uneventful last couple of weeks. Then I look at all the notes I took from the lectures I attended from over the last five days, and then I realized that I have worked just as hard as I normally would as a student. So much for having a break.

My next and final term is fast approaching. This is all I am thinking about, except for the lack of money  and time. It is hard to believe that in sixteen weeks it will be all over and a major chapter in my life will have come to an end. Actually, it is damn exciting because I have waited for this moment for so long, six years, so I may not miss it as much I thought. This means that I have no reason for sticking around Fort Langley, or the Lower Mainland for that matter. With great change comes the great move. I can feel it.

The shift has already started. I have started the planning process for my next line of employment. It is a cool feeling to know that as of January of 2011 I will be at the apex of my discipline and completely indoctrinated into my field, a true profession, with credentials. Neat! I know, I must stop gloating about this. I think people are getting tired of me touting the final leg of my success?

Oh, I should talk about the last post here, about Lady Gaga. It had over 6000 hits in the first half of the day. There are many Gaga fans out there. Even more astonishing are the twenty-two links to it? I just thought I would point that out.

Well, I am going to focus on some papers that I have been working on. That will keep me busy for the next couple of days. A am actually going to work on some statistical data that I have been working on for the last six months. Yup, I am going to voluntarily count data sets and recode my surveys, as I am in search of the allusive correlates. “A sick mind is one that loves statistics,” a friend once told me—I am a sicko! But there is poetry in Math as there is in the written form, you just need to appreciate it. And I am right, 19 times out of 20!

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