Ushering in September

I was trying to get this posted last night but I got sidetracked with some billing issues that took up most of my time. By the time I got the problem sorted out, it was far too late for me to finish the post.  Yes, I was that tired—I could not even turn the computer on and switch on the monitor last night.

I will add the rest of the post later on this afternoon. I must go to work.

The Rest of the Post:

It was ten years ago today that my next door neighbour passed away. September 2nd is sort of an unofficial remembrance day for me because there is usually a long weekend right about now and there is sometimes lots of time to sit and reflect. His name was Ray, and his last days were not that tragic, but I think he suffered through a lot pain from cancer. He knew he was dying, but he never told anyone else including his own family. His wife had died in a freak accident along the Trans-Canada highway in December 1996 from a snow storm. She become trapped inside the vehicle when it slid off the road. The blowing snow covered the car and she suffocated, then froze. I believe that Ray missed her so much that he found it hard to live with out her. He drank almost every night since the time I knew him. He always wanted someone with him when he went over to the local pub to sit with him. Because I do not drink, it was hard to sit and watch him reach the point of intoxication and he would need assistance to get home. But he talked, and one day he told me about his wife and how hard it was for him to continue on. At that point I knew he was super depressed. He asked me not to ever mention his story to the rest of the neighbourhood. I guess he was one of those men who did not like people feeling sorry for him all the time.

September 1st might a well be the start of fall. It is like someone flicking a switch and everything changes. Sure, it is still warm and the leaves are green, but they are falling and some trees already have orange leave on them. It sure is getting cool at night. Last night I had the heat turned on. If that is not a sure sign of fall then I do not know what is.

Chaos at work. I had my email turned off. Apparently we have a program setting that says that we must change our passwords every three months. I some how missed my notification and on Tuesday, and I could not log on to my email afterwords. Tragedy unfolded as people started phoning me requesting why I was not responding to their quires. Today marks day three without email. I do not think the fan can turn anymore as the pooh has risen so much since. My dislike for Micro$oft has never being greater. Why people pay so much for a product that is always breaking down so much just boggles my mind. It is just foolishness? There are so many better alternatives out there?

Looking forward to classes. Sure, really, I am! OK, not French class because I know that will be a class full of humiliation. I will give a shot, but I am not holding my breath. My only shinning light will be that this will be the last semester as an undergraduate! Graduation after this! Yes!

Well, must get back to my other chores and fall projects that need my attention. I have a class out in Richmond campus, and I need to figure out how much gas and time it will take for me to get there. This means I either travel through the Tunnel, HWY99, or take HWY91, Annacis Island, to class. Both routes are chaotic commutes. Some of the best stunt drivers in the world live in Richmond—and they do not even know it. And I have to do this in winter!

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