A Perfect End to a Not So Perfect Week

Well, I am glad that this week has come to a close. Actually, I am very glad, no, make that super happy that this week is over. With a sore foot, tons of preparations to do before next week’s start to the last semester, and some unexpected garbage from an ex-friend, the week could not have come to a close any sooner.

I will embrace these next seventy-two hours. The first thing I am going to do tomorrow morning is not get up. 🙂

Here is today’s sunset from my front yard. What a way to end the day with–a warm evening, no flies and a sunset.

Maybe the whole weekend will be like this. Although the weather station said it was going to rain on Sunday, but they are notorious for being wrong!.

2 Thoughts on “A Perfect End to a Not So Perfect Week

  1. That WAS a beautiful sunset. I was at Home Depot picking up a couple of things. By the time I got home, it was too late to break out the photo gear… 😥


  2. Yes, if I didn’t have so many trees in the way I would have had a more desirable set of shots.

    But, it was nice, warm out too.

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