The Back to School Monster

I laughed and reminisced when I over heard a young boy say to his mother that he desperately did not want to return to school. As he clung to his mother’s hand, he pleaded continuously as they walked down the isle of school supplies section, “no, I do not want to go back.”

Hey, grade school sucked for me too. I can relate to the young boy’s trials and tribulations.  But school is a necessary evil and everyone, in Canada anyway, must go through it in some form or capacity. It is almost a rite of passage.

I know of a couple who are home-schooling their child, and they say it is great. I am not sure what the requirements are for the Government’s Laws on this, but I do know that during the course of each year’s workload there is a lot of ground covered in subject matter. They seem to be happy with home-schooling, so it must work for them.

As I have stated on this blog before, school is a parent’s best friend: the ultimate state run babysitter. With the economy demanding a dual income family, someone has to look after the kids while the money is being earned to pay for the living expenses (and taxes). There is just no way around having a stay-at-home parent anymore in the household, especially for the lower and middle income families in Canada.

For the poor young boy who does not want to go back to school. It is a change, and he will appreciate it later on in life. He will adapt and make friends, find and fit into his social niche, and continue to grow to be better than the sum of his youth.

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