Rain On, Rain On

There are less than twenty-three hours left of freedom before I head back to classes. I was really hoping that today would be a great day, but the weather held everything back. With the cold and damp weather came the gloomy attitudes and low self-esteem that makes conjuring up fun activities almost impossible.

Today I was invited to a Labour day BBQ, sponsored by the Labour Federation of British Columbia, but I decided not to go becuase of the weather. I was told through Twitter from my friends that half of the activities were cancelled, and the rest were moved indoors so seating was limited. I had set aside most of today for that event.

Tonight I was invited to a stargazer party and told to bring my telescope and binoculars. I love these parties becuase you get to meet great people who have a shared love for astronomy, and you can see the latest gadgetry used by astronomers. It does not look promising for a really great stargazer party. The clouds are really socked in, and the drizzle will make being outside very unpleasant. Stargazing indoors just does not cut it–if you know what I mean.

I guess all I can do today is work on stuff around the house. Cleaning is what I have been doing most of this morning. I may fix a minor plumbing problem I got, but that may require taking a trip down to the hardware store for some parts. I really do not want to spend a whole lot of money right now.

The most disgusting thing I saw on the net today was the news story about Indonesian Two Year Old boy who quit smoking. Ya, a two year old boy smoking! I have heard of messed up parents and weird cultures before, but letting a kid smoke before the age of two, that has taken “dumb” to new levels?


Well, back to cleaning and working around the place. Enjoy what is left of the long weekend!

2 Thoughts on “Rain On, Rain On

  1. WOW! That is shocking on so many levels!!!!!!

    Where did you find that?

  2. I first seen it on CBC News on Monday. I heard about it from a class I took last semester about 3 weeks ago. It was just a write=up in the Vancouver Sun (I think).

    You should see the other YouTube video out there. This kid can blow smoke rings and twirl the cigarette around his fingers like nothing.

    It is disturbing–especially for Westerners to see.

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